Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wildwood Shredded Beef- Machaca Style


2-3 Lbs. Flat cut beef brisket

1 Green bell pepper

1.5 Tbs. Adobo seasoning (From Penzy's)

1 Whole fresh jalapeno, sliced

1 Medium onion, julienne

1 Clove garlic, sliced

1 Cup Beef stock


Trim excess fat from brisket. Insert garlic slices into brisket. Rub Adobo seasoning over the entire piece of meat. Render some of the trimmed fat in a 6- Liter soapstone pot. Heat the soapstone in the oven and brown the brisket on all sides.

Place peppers and onions in the bottom of the same 6-Liter soapstone pot used to brown the brisket. Place the brisket on top. Add beef stock. Cover and place in a 300 degree F- 400 degree F oven with only coals remaining (for wood fired oven.) Close the oven door, allow to braise until the brisket breaks apart easily, a minimum of 3-4 hours (though some cook overnight.) When finished, the brisket will easily shred with just a fork, or your fingers.

Serve with hot corn tortillas, diced onions, cilantro and Monterey Jack cheese.


Szechwan Shredded Beef

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