Monday, October 31, 2011

Marco Island gets a taste of Brazil!

When the chefs at the Hilton Hotel in Marco Island, Florida found themselves longing for the BBQ of Brazil, they recruited our very own Chef Michael Gerard to design them this beauty: a 19-skewer, no-smoke BBQ that uses infrared burners in place of charcoal.  As the meat cooks, succulent juices collect in a water bath that runs along the bottom, creating a delicious steam and allowing for easy clean-up.  We're guessing a couple of beachfront BBQs are in order.

Wildwood on Meetup!

Wildwood feels like a proud papa, as we've recently signed up to sponsor local foodie groups on Meetup.  If you haven't yet gotten on that proverbial bandwagon, now's the time.  Sign up and let us support your group in order to receive 15% off any one of our cooking classes.  And a shout-out to Foodie Connection, the first group hungry enough to accept our sizzling offer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Check out our new site for classes & events!

We over here at Wildwood are thrilled to announce the launch of our new site for classes and events!  Be sure to bookmark our calendar so you can stay in tune with the many delights we've got roasting in the oven---from classes in ultimate pizza to celebrity chef dinners to community game nights.  Come taste the magic of our urban hearth in what might just be the best kept secret on the eastside of Los Angeles!