Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friend and Fan Appreciation!

Hey everyone,

We would like to hear what YOU have to say.

Does anyone have any tips for wood fired cooking? Any questions regarding live-fire cooking?

Have you prepared something similar to any of our recipes? Would you like to see any certain type of food produced in the Wildwood test kitchen?

Let us know- this blog is fun for us, but is also meant to be informative for you!

Thanks so much, our friends, customers and fans are the best!



  1. I know you guys mostly cook with oak, but what about other hardwoods? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using other type of woods? any differences in flavor?

  2. Hi VM,
    Interesting question. First off, we want to explain that there are no hard and fast rules with what types of wood to use. We just recommend that you stay away from soft woods- because of the burning temperature.

    You should use what is readily available in your area. All woods burn at different BTUs and climate is important to take into consideration- fruit and nut woods are great for live-fire cooking. Mesquite is also an intense and pungent flavor, however burns very hot and quickly.

    Experiment- let us know what worked best for you!