Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pizza Pie Process!

Hey guys,

We have received several emails asking about the wood fired pizza process. So I figured this would be a perfect blogging opportunity to take our readers from start to finish through the perfect pizza process. Whewww, that's a lot of P's!

Firstly, the dough is rolled out into a circular shape. We like a really thin crispy crust. Toppings of your choice are then applied. This is the creative and fun part- go crazy!

 Next the pizza is slid into the wood fired oven using a pizza peel, either an aluminum or wood peel works best for this process!

The pizza is then cooked to perfection!  This doesn't take long...probably 2-3 mins. per pizza.  
 We like a little brown around the crust and crispy!
Voila!! Now is the time to enjoy your wood fired creation!  Place the pizza on a serving tray or screen and cut into slices!

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