Thursday, November 17, 2011

New eats in our neighboring neighborhood!

First, our favorite pastrami-centric neighbor The Oinkster got an Italian sibling with Maximiliano, the latest from Chef Andre Guerrero, and we've long been meaning to stop in and try the classics everyone's been raving about, e.g. Margarita and Spumoni.  Then the owners of Eagle Rock's very own Mia Sushi gave ol' Marty's a makeover to open Cafe Lobos, another Highland Park hotspot offering all kinds of tasty comfort food.  Macaroni and cheese bar?  Yes, please.  And now as of yesterday, The Eastsider reports that the restaurant formerly known as Timbo's will soon reopen as Garvanza's Comida Por La Vida come December, a locally-owned eatery that plans to serve "Latin eclectic mix of foods from all regions."  So if you're still dining under the misconception that you need to drive to the westside, think again.  (And fyi: if you need us, we'll be in Highland Park.)

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